Monday, 8 June 2009

Foreningen Christiania Cykler

During a recent two week tour of Scandinavia, I had the random pleasure of discovering Foreningen Christiania Cykler purely by chance. Located in the Christiania district of Copenhagen, Denmark, this shop was a welcome relief from the thuggish gangs openly trading hash around the corner (a history of Christiania's politics can be found on Wikipedia).

The shop was broadly split between practical but quirky European bikes (those with large vending type boxes on the front), some very tasty Nirve and Electra beach cruisers and a large number of fascinating Pedersen bikes (which judging from the website they also manufacture). The Pedersen bikes in particular stood out as I've not seen bikes styled in this way anywhere else in Europe.

Since visiting, I've spotted on their website that they also hire bikes. Certainly an interesting prospect!

Take it from me, this place is seriously worth a visit.

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