Saturday, 8 August 2009

FBI 2009 - COTY (Chopper of the Year) - The Top 10

1st Place - Alessandro (Italy) "20s Queen"

2nd Place - Jacob Pedersen (Sweden) "Jacob"

3rd Place - Chris 'Mr Hot' (Switzerland) "Treesome"

4th Place - Make (Spain) "Scorpio"

[No picture I'm ashamed to say, but I am working on it]

5th Place - Andre Meekel (Netherlands) "Ice Storm"

6th Place - Crusty (Poland) "Angel"

7th Place - Sam Daddy'O (Belgium) - "Scarled Deuce"

8th Place - Popey (Cleethorpes, UK) "Popey's Ride"

9th Place - Steven Langemouters (Netherlands) "Plywood"

10th Place - Carlitos (Slovenia) "Chrome Beauty"

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