Monday, 12 October 2009

This week, I aaaav been mostly buying....

....a one of these.
As you can see she is currently living in my flat. I picked her up yesterday and I'm too smitten to lock her up in the basement. Short term plans are a bloody good clean, ditch the chain guard (although that may change) as well as adding new pedals and grips. Longer term a Brooks or 346 saddle, bent springers (rude not too), bigger tyres (possibly with new rims) and a 5/7 speed rear Nexus hub. Maybe if I find time a new paint job too.

The bike has currently affectionately been christened the Bitch Cruiser by my lady (I'm modding it for her to use).

Some background; bought by the previous owned from GT in Bristol some 12 years ago. At the time he was told it was one of only six that made it to Blighty. Since then it has been ridden occasionally. It is completely unmodified aside a surfing sticker and rubber on the back of the chain guard to reduce noise. Single speed with coaster hub.

And by way of explanation for the post title - click here.

1 comment:

  1. Great find! Remove the surf-sticker, leave the rubber in the chainguard and don't change anything else. These babies are becoming rare and this one looks worthy of a full restoration.

    Get your self another old Dyno to customise Andrew! ;)

    btw, where are the fenders..?!